Live PA: Memeshift at Burning Bär in Berlin


On February 8th, my dear friend Morgan Sully (aka Memeshift) and I played a live set at the ‘Burning Bär‘ event in Berlin. The event brought together the Burning Man community here in Germany and Europe to celebrate the amazing spirit and community that has developed out in the Black Rock Desert and spread across […]

Cascade of asymmetric resonators with fast-acting compression


This past spring I took a trip to the US to visit several research groups and attend some conferences. During the trip, I visited the Machine Perception group at Google Research and got involved in an open source project implementing a C++ version of an auditory image model. The model was designed by Richard Lyon, […]

EEG sonification demonstration


This month a special event called ‘Brainfest‘ was organized here in Nijmegen as part of the closing meeting for the BrainGain consortium project. During the event, the public was invited for a series of lectures and demonstrations of the latest developments in the neuroscience research being conducted here in the Netherlands. As part of this […]



Back in 2007, I became involved with a music collective here in the Netherlands called N.E.W., which stands for the Nieuwe Electronische Waar (The New Electronic Truth). Each year they release a collection of some of the best music being produced here in the eastern part of the Netherlands. That year, my track ‘Wintertime’ got […]

RTFKT Party @ Merleyn


On December 1st, 2012, I played at the RTFKT party here in Nijmegen along with Gonno, Portable Sunsets and the RTFKT boys Guido and PNOQ. It was a most excellent night, with a great crowd and lots of great music. Elisenda and I were there until the very end of the night, loving Gonno’s set. […]

Training expression with real-time visual feedback


When I came to Nijmegen back in 2005, I was involved in the PracticeSpace project as both a technician and as a researcher. We developed several systems for training expressive performance skills using real-time visual feedback. The first experiment which we conducted was published in the Journal of New Music Research back in 2008. You […]

Lecture Slides: Music and the Brain


On August 13, 2012, I gave a lecture entitled “Music and the Brain” at the Orlando Festival in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. The slides from my talk are available here. Feedback is always welcome!

Interview with John Tejada


The last couple months have been filled with an extra dose of electronic music, thanks to my dear old pal Morgan Sully, aka Memeshift, being here in the Netherlands. One of our first adventures was going to see John Tejada at Studio 80 in Amsterdam. He was kind enough to put us on the list […]

Damian Lazarus @ Robot Heart 2011


woohoo! one of my favorite DJs on my favorite art car with my favorite sound system at my favorite festival… don’t get much better

Maceo Plex mix


Man I love this guy!Funky beats to keep you warm and grooving in the winter darkness…


My good buddy Boudewÿn and his friends have recently created a digital platform for their music, and recently put out their first digital release by none other than Applescal, whose first album on Traüm totally rocked my Burning Man in 2009. Check out their website here.



In the days of yesteryear I used to post all my music and DJ stuff… I’ll still be doing that, but, with the aim of developing my musical persona a bit further and giving myself a platform exclusively dedicated to my musical pursuits, I’ve created zigzag This is where you can find all […]


My dear old friend Morgan Sully is one of the people I connect with most in this world, especially when it comes to music. Right now I’m really hoping he’s coming over to Europe to hang out here for a while and make some beats with me. He’s also the person who got me into […]