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This last summer was the first time that Elisenda and I didn’t go to Burning Man in three years. Of course, that’s because our little Alma had come into the world, and we needed to have a year off, but that didn’t mean we didn’t miss the whole experience just a little bit. In honor […]



In the days of yesteryear I used to post all my music and DJ stuff… I’ll still be doing that, but, with the aim of developing my musical persona a bit further and giving myself a platform exclusively dedicated to my musical pursuits, I’ve created zigzag This is where you can find all […]


My dear old friend Morgan Sully is one of the people I connect with most in this world, especially when it comes to music. Right now I’m really hoping he’s coming over to Europe to hang out here for a while and make some beats with me. He’s also the person who got me into […]